Target group

Drivers who transport limited quantities of hazardous substances such as under 1000 points, limited quantities and exempted quantities. For this, an ADR Basic certificate is not necessary, but the driver must be able to demonstrate that there has been training. This training is very suitable for this and meets the requirements as stated in the ADR. 

Prior education

Minimum of VMBO or equivalent level.


  • What are hazardous substances? 
  • National and international legislation
  • Obligations in the transport chain
  • Hazard classes, packaging groups and UN numbers
  • Packaging requirements
  • Marking and labeling of packages
  • ADR exemptions
  • Extinguishing media
  • Calamities

Coffee, tea, water and lunch will be provided.


At the end of the day there will be a test and the student will receive a certificate. This is proof that the driver has received training.


The driver will receive 7 code-95 points for this training course.