Target group

Individuals who work, or want to work, for companies that transport, offer for transport, accept for transport, load, unload, transfer, store or distribute hazardous (waste) materials and for persons of government agencies that control or supervise these activities. This course is also extremely suitable for persons who want to perform the tasks of the safety advisor dangerous substances and the (Q)HSE manager or for supporting these employees.

Previous education

Participants do not require any specific education, but they do need to have at least a secondary vocational education (MBO) work and/or thinking level. Persons without a background in dangerous goods should first follow the module introduction to dangerous goods.


The course consists of several modules.


1) Introduction to Dangerous Goods (Only for students without a background in dangerous goods)
2) ADR, RID, ADN and IMDG level safety advisor
3) Prevention officer & risk management incl. RI&E, TRA, LMRA and work permit
4) Environmental legislation
5) Firefighting and calamity training
6) PGS-15 storage of packaged hazardous substances and CMR substances
7) BRZO & prevention of major accidents
8) Health risks of hazardous substances and use of the Safety Data Sheet
9) Emergency response and emergency organization
10) Audits, reporting and accident reporting
11) Chemistry
12) Introduction to ATEX

During the course period of the required modules, a number of company visits are scheduled in order to experience and see the theory in practice.

Duration of the full course:

14 months one afternoon from 1pm - 6pm per week, excluding school vacations.


During the course the components are tested modular or completed by means of an assignment. With satisfactory results, the diploma Dangerous Goods & HSE employee.

Awarded by M van Marle Consultancy. This shows that the participant has a high degree of knowledge of both ARBO affairs and the multi-modal transport of hazardous materials and is aware of the latest laws and regulations.

The possibility exists to obtain the Safety Advisor Certificate for ADR, RID and ADN.

Training material

The participants receive for each module a workbook and possibly additional books to understand the material as well as possible and apply it in practice.