The responsible management of assault equipment includes not only the knowledge but also the control and management of the assault equipment. As a material manager you will be the contact person from the moment that you start to use the equipment. A structure will therefore have to be set up for this, on which productivity will also depend. This structure will not only determine what type and how much material we have in stock, but also a register will have to be made of the day of purchase, the commissioning, the official inspection dates and each time the material is used during operations. This record should include who used it and what date. After each use the person in charge of the material will visually inspect the material before storing it in the warehouse. Any repairs that are allowed can only be carried out by an authorized person, after which this must be recorded in the register.

The material manager will ensure, in consultation with the operational manager, that the correct material is used to handle the commodities.  He can at any time be asked for his professional advice.


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