Moving a load safely and efficiently requires knowledge, skills and discipline. For example, to strike the load, knowledge of lifting equipment and tools is necessary. Communication with the crane operator is also important here. When stowing the load, knowledge of lashing, stowage materials and rejection standards, among other things, is important. During this five-day specialist training course for breakbulk workers, the course participant becomes proficient in safe and efficient cargo operations.

The following training courses are available and can be taught separately:  Dockers -Tallyman- Foreman- Driver- Lashing and securing on all terrains.

Results from trained management, operators and staff:

  • More efficient work is safer and more responsible
  • Being more reliable and focused on customer service;
  • Are motivated to continuously improve their skills;
  • More attention is paid to their equipment and tools;
  • Better handling of the loads they handle and cause less damage;
  • They are just HAPPY at their jobs and stay with the company..


If desired, the course can be concluded with a test.

Participants will receive a certificate of participation or a certificate showing that a passing grade was obtained for the exam.