If you perform operational work in a high-risk environment, you must in most cases be in possession of the VCA Basic Safety diploma (B-VCA). Certainly when you work at or for a VCA-certified company. With this diploma you show that you have the basic knowledge of VGM (Safety, Health and Environment) as stated by VCA. It shows that you know how to work safely and take into account the environment and the health of yourself and others.

The course Basic safety VCA (B-VCA) prepares you for the exam. This course is also suitable if you have to retake the exam to extend its validity.

The B-VCA diploma is valid for ten years. After that you have to take the exam again when you want to extend your diploma.
The VCA diploma is listed in the VCA Central Diploma Register. There you can look up whether your diploma is still valid.


The course is concluded with an examination taken by a recognized government agency.

Participants will receive a certificate showing that they have passed the exam, as determined for the government by the authorized body.