The official ADR certificate

As a certified training provider, we provide full training for the ADR certificate. You can choose from ADR basis and the modules tank, on request you can also follow the modules class 1 and class 7.

Our training courses count towards the Code-95.

The training is given on weekdays.

Target group

Every professional driver who transports dangerous goods on the basis of the European ADR Treaty and who is in possession of an ADR professional skills certificate.

Hazardous substances ADR training course

The training is tailored to the examination requirements of the competent authorities. Our training meets the European requirements for training institutions as stated in the ADR Convention. To obtain the ADR certificate, you must pass the basic exam.


Use and application of the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code with regulations for the maritime transport of dangerous goods in packaged form, including transport tanks, tankers and bulk containers.

  • General regulations applicable to the transport of dangerous goods;
  • the main types of danger;
  • preventive measures and safety precautions;
  • measures to be taken in the event of an accident;
  • fire and firefighting;
  • accident prevention and control;
  • labeling and marking, for the purpose of hazard identification;
  • rules for the driver when transporting dangerous substances;
  • purpose and operation of technical equipment of vehicles;
  • prohibitions of mixed loading in the same vehicle or container;
  • precautions to be taken during the loading and unloading of dangerous goods;
  • requirements for packages, handling and stowage.

Content additional module tank

  • The driving behavior of vehicles, including the movement of cargo;
  • Special regulations relating to vehicles;
  • General theoretical knowledge of the various different loading and unloading systems of the vehicles;
  • Special additional conditions regarding the use of these vehicles (inspection documents, approval marks, marking and labeling, etc.).

Cost & Duration

ADR Basic (14 hours refresher course) €360,-  
3 days over 3 weeks
ADR Basic + Tank (14 hours refresher course) €440,-
4 days spread over 4 weeks

Refresher courses

ADR Basic (14 hours refresher course) €335,- 
2 days spread over 2 weeks
ADR Basic + Tank (14 hours of refresher training) €385,- 
3 days spread over 3 weeks
The training ADR including class 1 and 7 can be arranged on request

Mentioned amounts are:

  • Exclusive of VAT
  • Exclusive of registration and cancellation costs for refresher course code 95 of €23,- per day
  • Including ADR exams
  • including teaching materials
  • Coffee, tea, water and lunch