Legal basis

The chapters of the Codex with title VI, Directive on work equipment, are the transposition of a social European directive, together with the directives of the ARAB, which require that persons who have tasks involving the use of an AWP be trained in accordance with the requirements that the use of an AWP places on their responsibilities and tasks.

Target group

Employees of manufacturers, shipping, freight forwarding, stevedoring, transport, storage and distribution companies.


Use and application of the national and international regulations for the use of aerial work platforms as well as the obligations of the employer and contractor, in accordance with the CODEX and the ARAB.

Depending on the client's wishes, the following topics are covered to a greater or lesser extent:

  • Introduction
  • Regulations
  • Construction of an aerial work platform
  • Stability
  • How to work with the aerial platform
  • Known situations


As per offer, course will be tailor made.
Dates in consultation.


If desired, the course can be concluded with a test.

Participants receive a certificate of participation or a certificate showing that the exam was passed.